Ultimate Guide to the new UK Turing Scheme Scholarship

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the new UK Turing Scheme Scholarship. With more information being released at regular intervals, please check back often as this information will be updated as new announcements happen.

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So you’ve heard about the UK Turing Scheme and you are wondering how it all works. We have you covered below, with all the big key questions answered. Let’s get you on your way to your dream destination.

Who is eligible for the UK Turing Scheme

Students from all areas of education within the UK are eligible.

Which students are eligible?

Students at any stage of their studies, or even as recently out of their studies (12 months) can apply to be part of the Turing Scheme.

  • Higher education students
  • Apprentices and Vocational Training students
  • Recent Graduates
  • Those undertaking training that at a college or school
  • School pupils, long term age requirement 14 years old.

Which organisations are eligible?

An organisation must be an official provider registered in the UK or UK owned territory, and must be a recognised Higher Education provider. Organizations are being asked to register and apply to be accepted in the Scheme.

What is the UK Turing Scheme

The UK Turing Scheme is the United Kingdom’s very own international exchange programme allowing study abroad and work abroad opportunities and funding.

This programme allows students and pupils the chance to broaden their educational horizons and experience a deeper cultural imprint on their overall studies program. Students will learn how to interact with different cultures, learn new languages and make long lasting connections with people on a global scale.

It will lead to new career opportunities and relationships that further connect the UK and it’s people to the world.

How does the UK Turing Scheme work

The UK Turing Scheme works by students applying for exchange and registering their intention to recieve the UK Turing Scheme grant.

Students will then be given an amount of funding based on the duration of their stay, their economic circumstances and the nature of their studies.

In regards to applying, Students will directly contact their current educational organisation to explore the potential to take part in the scheme, and which locations may be available, and what countries you can actually go to.

Which countries are in the UK Turing Scheme

At this stage, all countries are openly invited to be involved in the UK Turing Scheme. It will depend on the UK based registered Turing Scheme organisations and what they assess as an exchange program for their students that is relevant to their current studies.

Is the UK Turing Scheme free?

The Turing Scheme actually provides you funding to contribute to your study. However, it will not necessarily cover the full cost of your abroad experience. You will most likely need some of your own money to study abroad.

How much money do UK Turing Scheme students get?

Students will receive varying amounts of funding based on their study abroad circumstances. The location and the duration will be the major influencing factors as to what amounts are paid to students.

The Location

Locations are broken into 3 different categories:

  1. Group 1 - High cost of living countries
  2. Group 2 - Medium cost of living countries
  3. Group 3 - Low cost of living countries

To give an indication on what funding a student will receive based on these categories:

  • Group 1 locations get £136 per week
  • Group 2 and 3 locations get £120 per week

This is subject to change and should be used as a guideline.

The Duration

The longer the programme, the more funding you will receive. The main point of measure is if the program runs for more than 8 weeks.

For Group 1 locations, students who intend to stay for longer than 8 weeks will get £380 per month.

For Group 2 and 3 locations, students who intend to stay for longer than 8 weeks will get £335 per month.

Is UK Turing Scheme only for UK students

In regards to funding, only UK students that are eligible are able to access the funding provided by the UK Turing Scheme.

What is the aim of the UK Turing Scheme

The aim of the UK Turing Scheme is to provide opportunities for UK students from all backgrounds and walks of life to gain access to the benefits of international study opportunities. These opportunities lead to career networking, language learning, long term relationships and greater cultural understanding.

Do you have to pay back UK Turing Scheme

No. Once you have been granted access to the funding provided by the UK Turing Scheme, that money does not need to be paid back. It is a grant for students that intends to help cover some of the required basic cost of living expenses involved with an international study abroad experience.

Can you work while on UK Turing Scheme

Working while on a UK Turing Scheme exchange is allowed subject to the country’s laws and regulations to which you are attending.

It is highly encouraged to seek an income or part time job if allowed to further enhance your experience and immerse yourself further in the country’s culture.

How do I apply for UK Turing Scheme

Applying for the UK Turing Scheme is directly through your current educational organisation. It is best to get in touch with your study abroad advisor to discuss what options may be available to you.

It is also a good idea to do your own research on potential destinations and their programs that might suit an exchange. Your organisation may not be aware of every single program available in the world, so it’s certainly worth while doing your own research.

Is the UK Turing Scheme a scholarship?

The UK Turing Scheme is a government grant that assists students with covering the basic costs of living costs involved with a study abroad experience.

Students are encouraged to apply for separate scholarships to complement their UK Turing Scheme grant.

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Ultimate Guide to the new UK Turing Scheme Scholarship

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the new UK Turing Scheme Scholarship. With more information being released at regular …

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Ultimate Guide to the new UK Turing Scheme Scholarship

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the new UK Turing Scheme Scholarship. With more information being released at regular …

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